New Year

Welcome 2018!  With the new year comes new tax changes and challenges.  We are promised that they will make our lives simpler but will they really?  In over 25 years of working in accounting the laws, rates and loopholes change, the reality that you have to pay tax if you are the common man or small business holder does not change.  Sure the tax rates may go up down as well as the balloon you purchase for a birthday gift.  The fact is you are still going to pay just as in a day or two that balloon will not float anymore.

With the new year I have decided to start a business consulting small businesses in the local Fremont, Pueblo and El Paso Counties of beautiful Colorado.  I want to help the small business grow and profit in the coming year and many years to come.  To do this I offer to do the tasks that you do not have time to do because you are running a business.  I will do the things most people protest like bank reconciliations, accounts payable, billing and payroll for your small team of individuals.  Providing these services to your business at an affordable cost to you and I will be available for questions and assist you in building a budget to keep your business profitable for the years to come.  Yes you will still have to pay taxes but we can try together to make sure you are not paying more than you need to.  Contact Kim LaRock at 719-470-2734 or


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