Colorado has a new minimum wage 2018

No doubt you heard over the year of 2017 that many states would have a new minimum wage for the new year.  Colorado is one of these states.  So if you did not know the new rate for Colorado is $10.20 per hour for non tipped employees.  Tipped employees also increases by $.90 to $7.18 per hour.

With these new laws also come the new labor law posters.  If you are not aware you can get these posters by paying for them with a service or you can get them for free from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment site.

Personally this is the way I have done it for years.  Sure you can pay $30 – $50 for a custom poster but this is a more cost effective way to keep in compliance but not drain your pocketbook.  or for bookkeeping services in the Penrose, Pueblo, & Canon City area.

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