Tax filing season is coming

Filing season will begin on Monday, Jan. 29, the Internal Revenue Service announced.

The final tax deadline will be Tuesday, April 17. (April 16 is Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in Washington, D.C.). The IRS expects nearly 155 million individual returns to be filed in 2018.

Last year with the great world of taxes decided that W2’s, 1099’s and many states this year are following that you have to have all these forms sent out to employees and filed with the states by Jan 31st.   This is putting a crunch on to people and professionals to get all the balancing and tying out of year end done sooner than normal.  Granted we all got a good crash course in it last year.  It is not impossible but it does make our lives a bit more hectic than in past years.


For those of you procrastinators in the room let me give you a piece of advice.  I believe in starting your tie out as soon as you can start running reports and looking back in 2017.  This will give you the advantage of if you have problems with any of your services or reports you have time to find the problem and fix it before you have to submit it to states and the government.  I know you think I will not have any issues… guess what crap happens and we all find times that computers crash and things don’t balance.  You need time to take care of these hiccups before the end of your deadline.

Below is the link to an article about the dates that could matter to you.

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