Small Business 2018

I have attached an article below that may interest you but the nuts and bolts are things you need to think about in 2018 as a small business.

  1. Taxes – we all have heard about the new tax plan Trump is rolling out.  Some of the common things that will still be in place regardless of what changes are made is that you need to keep track of your income and expenses.
  2. Economy –  The article has thoughts on how the economy will fair.  This in my thought is just a flip of the coin.  No one really and truly knows.  We all want to be optimistic but who knows what the new year will bring.
  3. Health care – This is truly the hot topic that feels my office, my home and I am sure I am not alone.  Constantly the questions about costs, availability and will it pay plague many homes. Most of us have our plans for 2018 but what will 2019 bring?
  4. Sexual Harassment – If you have had any contact with the outside world in the past 6 months you know this is a huge hot topic.  Actors and politicians coming out of the closet to defend or announce a encounter from this week or as old as the 70’s creeping in.  If you are an owner you need to make sure your staff is trained in what is ok and not ok in the workplace with sexual and other harassment.  Make sure your handbooks are up to date and training follows.
  5. Minimum Wage Raises – I brought this up last week but in case you have missed it on 1-1-18 Minimum Wage was raised in many states including Colorado.

Now the good news is if this makes your head twist and eyes bulge out I am here to help you handle many of these items and help you with these tasks.  With proper planning and budgets you can conquer each of these items and be a profitable small business.

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