Kim LaRock Bookkeeping

You could go to my website and read a list of things I can do for your business or I can give  you a quick run down.  If you are like most people you don’t have time to just read a bunch of websites information unless you are in search of something in particular.  You may have thought in passing about hiring a bookkeeper to help with the financial side of your business and just never have.

If you like to do your job but don’t care for the financial day to day, month to month I am here to help with that.  I can balance your checkbook, pay invoices, post income, help track where your money is going out and coming in, assist in creating a budget and help provide information to ensure you are profitable.  Currently I use QuickBooks software to assist in these functions.  Intuit has developed some really nice tools to help you track expenses on the go so your not digging for the gas receipt that fell under the truck seat.  These tools not only benefit you but assist me in helping you faster which means my cost to you is lower.  Please contact me to set up a meeting today,

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