New 2018 tax laws

Have you been reading all the uproar with the new 2018 tax laws? To be honest I have not read all 500 plus pages either. I did go to a class about some of the changes and found out some very interesting things about rental income and tax breaks that keep some of the service industry from getting the 20 percent tax breaks. I guess if you use your brain to work you don’t qualify for some breaks.

If you would like to have someone help you in your small business make sure you get the breaks you are eligible for in 2018 your probably going to need an accountant to help. As a small business in the southern Colorado area let me help you get your books in order for that talk. I may be able to help guide you with some of the plans and my time is going to be cheaper than the CPA that let’s you know exactly what you qualify for. Give me a call and let’s set up an appointment to make sure you can take advantage of the new laws sooner than later.

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