Accounting and Horses

You probably wonder What?  With a title like this!

I am an accountant but I am also very much horse woman.  No I did not grow up with horses and I have owned them for around a year and half so I am not an expert.  But I am sure you wonder what these two things have in common besides my interest.

Horses cost money.  They are not a cheap pet that you can buy cheap food for and expect them to be fine.  Yes they used to roam on the lands and eat only grasses.  I get that but now we have moved them into our lives and put them on limited plots of land.  If you have a crappy pasture like I do you need to buy hay, grain and supplements for them to assure they are getting the right things for digestion and health. You have to pay for water and shelter, vet visits and shots, and the broken panel or fence repair.

What does this have to do with accounting?  If you are going to properly care for your pets and your business you have to have proper accounting to afford to have them.  This is also a Budget.  It is not a fun word and some folks don’t keep a formal one.  If you have horses you should know at what point you have to stop collecting them to be able to feed and care for them properly.  It is the same with your business.  At some point you have to identify what parts make you money and what parts don’t.  What makes you money but could be making more if you bought in bulk or if you raised your price a small percentage for your product or talent.

You should not do this alone nor raise horses alone… you need friends to help when you are sick or injured to care for your horses…. you need someone who understands your numbers and business to help make you more profitable.  I tell you this to say I can be your person to help build a budget and zoom in on the items that help you the most achieve your profit dreams in your business. or 719-470-2734 Contact me today and lets make your dreams a reality.





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