Accounting can be boring….

You know some people are born with some talents. Let’s look at the Winter Olympics for example. When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was be a figure skater. Now besides the fact that I grew up where there was no such thing as a ice rink and besides the fact the my folks did not have the funds to build me one…. I have less than zero talent in this area. No graceful moves, no tendency to have any rhythm, no ability that would get me to the town champs (if we had one) much less to the Winter Olympics. Nope my talents are elsewhere.

Do you like to read? I love to read. A good book can take me on a journey that can last for hours. I also love to read true stories of people that have overcome adversity. Just because I enjoy these things does not mean that I am a good writer. I know you would not believe it but English was not my best subject in school. If it had not been for a couple of really good teachers who knows what I would have become.

Do you like to watch people dance? I love to watch ballet and people dance in competition. When I was in my 20’s I thought I should have been able to dance… turns out my best moves where in a bar where the lights were really low. That is why I an not on Dancing with the Stars today.

Well crap I can’t dance, ice skate nor write like Steven King and Dean Knoonz, where do my talents come in? Well if you think all of these things above are boring to watch like I think watching golf on tv is… you probably think math, accounting and keeping track of numbers is also boring. Well it turns out this is one thing I like and I am good at. I knew in high school accounting was the job that I wanted. I always enjoyed watching a balance sheet balance or a income statement show profits.

You may think these things are boring and labor filled. I enjoy watching the numbers fall out correctly. Matching a path of entries to show the error that was made. Then fixing and showing the correct numbers. If you think all of this is boring but you still need to do it for your business or home life….. I can be your Steven King and help you out. I may can’t dance, write nor skate like a winner but I can make your accounts sing with the true numbers.

Give me a call at 719 470 2734 and let me make your life a little easier so you can do the thing that makes you money and make you happy.

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