Nice People

As we all go through our days we meet and see people. You have done it. You go in a store you see someone you don’t know and you decide without talking to them if they are nice or not. I know I have done it. I have also went in a store and talked to this person. Say originally I thought this was a mean old man who probably yells at the neighbor kids. After a few minutes you find that this man is actually very nice. He has a history that you and I don’t know. He maybe is a veteran from Vietnam. Maybe he has 3 grandchildren and a wife that is home ill.

The point I am trying to make is that we all have ideals of people and who we think is nice and who is not, sometimes we are way off. Have you ever had an employee steal from you? Did you think this person was nice? Now what do you think? Was it circumstances that put them up to it? I don’t know. I know that people are all unique. Some are nice some are not, some are honest, some are not, some do things they didn’t think they could but felt they had to. I am not a detective. I have seen and heard many cases of fraud in the workplace not done by the owners. Remarkable stories of people who are really cleaver. If you suspect someone is taking from the cash drawer, not adding receipts correctly or stealing other assets let me help you in figuring that out. It not only costs your business bottom line it also can affect other aspects of your business.

Contact me if you suspect something is not right and lets find out together.

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