Who am I?

Who is Kim LaRock Bookkeeping in Penrose CO?

I know if I was thinking about letting someone into my personal life and let me tell you even if it is your business it is still personal, I would want to know a thing or two about her.

I moved to Colorado a little over two years ago.  My husband and I choose to move to a place that is beautiful and made me want to get out of bed every day.  Colorado fits the bill.  I can look out my kitchen and see Pikes Peak and the Wet Mountains.  We get all four seasons here and that is nice instead of muggy hot and them rainy cold or   Ice or just cold.

I grew up with my parents owning businesses of there own.  I watched, learned and worked as i grew older.  When I made it to high school I knew I wanted to take an accounting class.  When I took the first class I fell in love.  I liked watching the numbers move and balance and understanding the why and the reasons.  After that I went to college to get my degrees.  I got my associates, bachelors, and MBA,  I never did well on standardized tests so I did not pursue the CPA line of work.  I also never really like my auditing classes so it didn’t feel right.

I worked as an accountant and learned from various bosses and masters along the way with proper technique and reasoning.  I grew to learn and master programs and methods on my own.  Now over 20 years in the making I have decided to take these abilities and use them for multiple companies instead of just one.  Some companies are not able to afford a full time accountant that can come in clean up books and keep them on track for proper payment and profits.  They may not see the areas they could improve profits and expand.

These are things I am good at.  QuickBooks Online is a tool that many small businesses use to operate there business.  I have my ProAdvisor in this program and can help you maximize your benefits of the program and minimize your cost for an actual accountant.  I don’t do corporate taxes for people because the laws change so fast they are impossible for me to keep up with…. However, I can get your books ready for a CPA saving you money and time in the process instead of taking him or her a box of receipts and saying do my taxes.

If you are interested in my service please contact me at

kimlarockbookkeeping@gmail.com or 719 470 2734

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