Taking advice

Food for thought… If you pay someone as a professional should you take the advice they offer?

This can be seen in a couple of ways. If I am on trial for my life. I know I did not do it but my attorney tells me to plead I might not want to take his advice. If I am guilty, my DNA is on the weapon and I was found with the victims DNA under my nails, I probably should take his advice.

This can go the same in business. Most times it is much simpler than the above example. If you are not charging for a service that you should be and are giving it away or worse your pay but don’t pass it on you probably should listen to your accountant and start at least passing the basic cost on to keep from eating your profits.

Questions like this come up every day. If you want help finding ways to be more profitable in your business contact me to discuss. Let’s find a way to not give away the farm.


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