What are you paying for accounting?

While I understand most people don’t want to post rates online for fear of being undercut let me give you some basics of my rates.  $50-$75 an hour depending on what you are needing done.  We can also come up with a flat monthly rate if for example you just need a simple task performed monthly we can come up with a fair amount for you and me to work together.  You may be thinking what that is a lot.  Ask a CPA… his or her rate is over $100 probably more like $175 or $200 an hour.  Nope I am not a CPA.  Nope I can’t do what they do.  What I can do is make there job easier therefore making the hours they charge less to you and hence saving you money.

This is a perk of having a local small business help with your small business books.

Contact me today kimlarockbookkeeping.@gmail.com


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