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Finally they have put out the 2018 W4 form and a tax calculator to help you figure out how to fill out the new form for the new year. You can probably find the form on many sites but I suggest going to the source. and search forms. It is the only way to guarantee you get the most up to date edition.

I will be honest I looked at the tax calculator and I ended up just backing out of it. It had questions I was going to have to pull my pay stub from my purse for and I was like “I don’t have time for this”.

If you had to pay taxes for the 2017 year I suggest you go fill out a new form for your employer and make sure 2018 doesn’t leave you having to pay again. I know they say on the news the tax plan is going to help us common people but I have not seen the proof in the pudding just yet so I am not holding my breath.

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