ID Theft

It is becoming more and more common.  Someone gets your credit card number and before you know it you ordered flowers, got a ride to the airport and maybe went to the breast clinic.  Don’t laugh it happens. What can you do?

I have a attached a link to an article that addresses this in more in depth fashion but a few points are as follows.

Run your credit report regularly and keep an eye on anything you don’t recognize as something you purchased or have a card for.  You may think it is dumb but you should also check the credit of your children.  Their identity can also be stolen and then someone can mess the credit up they have not even had a chance to build yet.

You can also do the following:

  • Increasing how often they monitor their accounts and statements for unusual activity (56%).
  • Increasingly using cash or checks instead of credit or debit accounts (43%).
  • Shopping at locally owned businesses rather than national chains in hopes of avoiding leaks of their financial information or other theft (40%).
  • Limiting their online footprint by going to fewer websites or quitting social media (26%).


If you notice something on your account you did not do you need to contact your bank an or credit card provider immediately.  You only have a window to fight most fraudulent charges on your account.

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