My business Plan

Banks want you to have a plan.  Loan companies want you to have a plan.  These plans are made of prediction of growth and numbers.  What does your plan look like?  Do you have a full time bookkeeper or accountant?

The plan I am going to share with you is more personal than a bunch of numbers on a page and reasons why they should move this way or that.

When asked who is my target audience it is always the small bushiness owner who just needs help once a week, month, quarter or year.  Why don’t I go for the Big Box store or the huge office in the corner?  Who wants to work for those people that could give a rats butt you saved them 50K in six months and you have a plan that if done correctly could double base profits.

I don’t.  I want to work for the man or woman who looks forward to seeing me every couple of weeks or that is happy with a email of what I need and one of what they need to do.  No it is not all about money in my pocket.  It is about having happy clients that are satisfied with simple concise reports.

So my business plan is…  To get approx. 5 more weekly clients, 10 more monthly, and 10 quarterly.  That means my quarter end will be WILD….  However if they are quarterly they are probably simple so it will be busy but worth it.  At the end of the day my clients and I have a good relationship and a partnership that will last years.  I grow as they grow and we all work together.

Plus I have time for my favorite things….  My pets.

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