Are you ready for year end processing

If you have not been gathering W9s for your vendors that you have been paying this 2018 year you may want to start now. As in the past 2 years 1099s have to be sent out by the end of January 2019. This may not seem a big deal if you do have your W9s already and your software program will run them for the vendors that you need to send them to but if you have not gotten these before year end you are going to be pushing the clock. It is not the only process you will be working on at year end so anything you can start today I recommend you do. You can get a free pdf format from the website.

I get these forms from my vendors in a few different ways. Email is a great tool if you have been saving the vendors email addresses and it is a free way to request and receive your forms. Also if you are keeping them electronically then when they come back then you can just save them on file. A second way to request these forms is by fax. It is not as pretty as choice one but it also works. Finally snail mail. If you do not have email or fax number send a W9 out with your next check payment or just mail out with a letter requesting form to be returned.

Start today. If you need help getting your year end ready contact me today.

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