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How do you know if your W2’s are correct before you send them out to employees?  https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p15.pdf This the link to the Publication 15 for employers to know they are making the correct deductions from employees and forwarding the correct amounts on to the IRS for payments.

Generally another check I make is once I have totaled everything for my W3 (summary of all W2’s to be filed) I will total my quarterly 941’s and the taxes should match as well as the taxable earnings for the year.   If these do not match you need to start checking to see if you have added wrong.  If you have not you may have another issue.  I would start from the flat tax amounts that you know like the FICA Medicare and FICA Social Security to see if they back into the numbers on your W3 or 941’s then you will need to check the individuals to see if one of them is calculating wrong.

Federal income tax will be based on the selections the employee made on the W4 when hired.  This will tell you where on the tax table to look up rates if you have issues on this line.

If you are using a payroll service they should do these forms and calculations for you.

Contact me if you need help with your year end wrap up. kimlarockbookkeeping@gmail.com


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