W3 final

Scared yet?  I know it is Halloween but year end is so close you may be feeling the pressure of year end too.

Your W3’s are the summary of your employee W2’s that you are going to provide in just a few weeks… WOW I can’t believe it is that close but it is.  I bet you just got used to the fact Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.  NOW you have to think about W3’s.  Thanks Kim!  Your Welcome!

It is best to start planning now.  I know you don’t really want to think about it just yet but you do need to verify that your year to date numbers are matching your 941’s to date.  If they don’t you likely have an issue.  Now is the time to fix it.  Trust me it is much easier to fix it during the year you are in then trying to back date things to make the year correct.  That is not only the incorrect thing to do but it is very stressful to find that your computer system is not calculating correctly for the year you are in.

If you need help or want to talk about your small business needs please fill free to contact me.  kimlarockbookkeeping@gmail.com

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