New 2019 SUTA rates

It is about the time to get those new SUTA rates from the states for 2019.  I think we have until the middle of November.  States will send them out at a different time.  I have gotten them into the new year for the new year before.  These will just come in the form of a letter if you are not careful you will put them in the trash and not realize what your new rates are for the new year until that first quarter is up and you have to submit your new SUTA payment.

You want to make sure to update your software for 2019 to reflect the new rates so your software will figure the costs correctly for you.  This will help you estimate the amounts you will be paying out at the end of a quarter for  SUTA.

If  I can be of assistance while you are getting your year end cleaned up and ready for the new year please contact me at


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