Got your W2 yet Southern Colorado?

You should have your W2 by Jan 31st.  The big question with the government shut down is can I file my taxes.  Answer.  Yes.  You can e file your taxes.  Now that does not tell you when your refund will be processed.  I don’t think anyone knows that answer.  Last year the average e file return took 21 days to be paid by direct deposit.  With the shut down I am guessing that may take a few extra days.  The good news is if you go ahead and e file today your return will be higher than someone who waits.

Now why am I telling you this?  I know your just busting to know.

I am local and can file your taxes for the cost of my time ($50/hr) plus any filing fees.  Colorado charges $20 to efile so I pass that on to you.  So a typical simple return will cost you $70 to file.  You will then be put in the que for processing when the government starts working again.

If you want to contact me to do your return you can reach me at or 719-470-2734  Call me today!


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