Crazy month

So I knew this would be a really nutty month in my accounting business. I also knew it is s good month to add clients. I have tackled some challenges this month personally and professionally and I have added a couple new clients along the way. I am not complaining… I actually am telling you this to tell you that I am very blessed. I don’t do taxes generally for people but I have done a handful for this year because of who the people were or the circumstances they have. Now you are wondering how I am blessed in a time of year where some accountants I am sure make the majority of the fees and also earn a new bald spot and a few gray hairs. (Thank you Brooke for taking care of my grays).

I am blessed because although this is not my favorite time of year or task to do have been blessed to have referrals coming in and people calling me (one thinking I was the IRS) that I would not normally have talked to. I have helped a gentleman know he does not need to file taxes and I have have helped a couple people answer questions that until I did the research I didn’t know the answers too. I am blessed to live in a beautiful state with beautiful people that don’t care if I have tattoos or earrings. I am blessed to have a husband who is supportive of my new life and job.

So no you have not gotten any great wisdom out of this post. That is okay. I want you to know I am blessed to have my clients and referrals. If you are one of those you are very special to me. So don’t be surprised if once tax season is over I don’t try to thank you someway. I promise to get back to bringing you the accounting news of old but I wanted. You to know I am still here. Not gray, thank you Brooke best hair dresser in the world, time should start to change so I can share regularly soon. I really do look forward to that day. Until then happy computing on your end. If you need a good QuickBooks online bookkeeping accountant give me a call. I look foreword to growing my business by helping grow yours.

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